median lethal dose

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median lethal dose


mean lethal dose

1. (Medicine) the amount of a drug or other substance that, when administered to a group of experimental animals, will kill 50 per cent of the group in a specified time
2. (Medicine) the amount of ionizing radiation that will kill 50 per cent of a population in a specified time
Abbreviation: LD50

me′dian le′thal dose′

the quantity of a lethal substance, as a poison or pathogen, or of ionizing radiation that will kill 50 percent of the organisms subjected to it in a specified time period. Symbol: LD50
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The lethal dose 50 (LD50) is the dose of a medication expressed in mg/kg that results in the death of 50% of the animals (usually rats) used in a controlled experiment.
The present study evaluated the acute bio-physiological effects of Lethal dose 50 (LD 50) of crude venom of Black Pakistani Cobra, Naja naja karachiensis, collected from Southern Punjab, Pakistan.
Confidence limit calculation for antidotal potency ratio derived from lethal dose 50.