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Sua producao esta alicercada nos processos e tecnicas de reproducao grafica industrial, principalmente na utilizacao dos materiais produzidos por essas tecnicas como os livros, as letras transferiveis por decalque conhecidas por Letraset, acetatos, e principalmente a utilizacao de fotografias que ja foram impressas e postas em circulacao por intermedio dos livros obtidos nas suas incursoes aos sebos.
Each title is written out in Letraset against a strip of pale-blue paint imitating a cloudy sky.
I became a graphic designer at 16--I was working with a reprographic camera and Letraset and literally laying out pages by hand.
Recorre a processos analogicos para compor os layouts, fotocomposicao, caracteres transferiveis da Letraset, fotocopia, colagem e recorte.
"It was originally created for Letraset, the British dry transfer company.
The name of the magazine was applied using Letraset press type--each black letter painstakingly transferred from a transparency onto the cover by rubbing the back of the page with a rounded stick or a ballpoint pen.
In order to present bolder headlines, scratch-on Letraset provided, for example, 36-point [half-inch tall] sans serif letters.
[5.] Letraset Limited v Helios Limited 1972 (3) SA 245 (A).