Letter book

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a book in which copies of letters are kept.

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They looked up the transaction in their day book and letter book, and at once telephoned to their King's Cross office for more details.
His estate and his collections of books, coins, medals, and curious objects (even a small crocodile skin) were dispersed after his death, but he had copied down on sheets of paper his letters, reading notes, memoranda, jottings of conversations, orders and receipts for goods (119 volumes of manuscripts, some 77,000 pieces of paper), which were bound up and are mostly preserved in the Biblioteque Inguimbertine of Carpentras, as well as in the log of his letter book that is now in the Paris Biblioteque Nationale.
THE role of the Food Commissioners during the First World War was not an easy one, as the letter book of David Tilley, the Executive Officer of the Cowbridge Food Control Committee for 1917-18, shows.
He outlines the process for preparing the letter book for copying and then the actual copying procedure:
Deletions in the manuscript are indicated clearly, and many of these are clearly the result of Evelyn's rewriting a letter as he copied it into the letter book: for instance, he protests that retailers expose old portraits for sale "in their shops" before crossing these words out and substituting "to the Streetes" (899).
(hereafter SS) to George Bernard Shaw, 3 May 1887, Letter Book 7, fol.
Various letters and notes by Leonard Woolf; outgoing letters to Leonard Woolf: 22 November 1927 (Letter Book 119); outgoing letters to Virginia Woolf: 29 January 1936 (Letter Book 171), 22 December 1931 (Letter Book 135), 31 December 1931 (Letter Book 135), 15 December 1920 (Letter Book 100), 20 December 1920 (Letter Book 100).
A journal of the English Civil War; the letter book of Sir William Brereton, spring 1646.
"The Groovy Letter Book" (which also includes an accompanying CD) is a new kind of teaching alphabet book for children 1 to 4 years old.
A letter book of Ellms from 1833 to 1834 that survives at the American Antiquarian Society gives a fascinating picture of how he managed the publication of his almanacs.
(45) National Library of Ireland, Dublin (hereafter NLI), Ms 827, Kelly letter book, 1744-48, to John Archdeacon, 21 December 1744.
Additionally, he has mined the expedition's official documents--the Letter Book, Night Order Book, and the like--that were submitted to the Admiralty at the end of the voyage.