n.1.See Letterure.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(4) 'And yow wrathed not ferwyth, what were fe skylle hat so zong and so zepe as ze at fis tyme, So cortayse, so knyztyly, as ze ar knowen oute--And of alle cheualry to chose, fe chef fyng alosed Is fe lel layk of luf, fe lettrure of armes; (SGGK III, 60, 1509-1513) 'if you would not mind my asking, what is the meaning of this: that one so young as are you in years, and so gay, by renown so well known for knighthood and breeding, while of all chivalry the choice, the chief thing of praise, is the loyal practice of love: very lore of knighthood So, once again she challenges him to behave according to the code of chivalry and courtly love, but he is well aware that if he were to do so, he would violate exactly this code of chivalry and courtly love.
Community-founding warriors are replaced by "oure luflych" (our lovely) hero (1469, 1657), who represents a courtly class for whom the "lel layk of luf" (loyal game of love) is inseparable from the "lettrure of armes" (art of war) (1513).
For I kneew not lettrure, I schal entre into pe power of pe Lord; Lord I schal bi penke on pi riztwiisnes aloone.