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Noun1.Leuciscus - a genus of fish including: dace, chubLeuciscus - a genus of fish including: dace, chub
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Cyprinidae, family Cyprinidae - a family of fish including: carp; tench; roach; rudd; dace
dace, Leuciscus leuciscus - small European freshwater fish with a slender bluish-green body
chub, Leuciscus cephalus - European freshwater game fish with a thick spindle-shaped body
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esabak 'a fish, leuciscus souffia agassizii' (Cum *cabak | *EOT capak 'a small freshwater fish, the bream'), kobak 'gourd, calabash' (Cum *kabak | EOT kapak 'gourd, pumpkin').
0 (roach, Rutilus rutilus 21) (vimba, Vimba vimba 8) (bream, Abramis brama 8) (ide, Leuciscus idus 2) (nase, Chondrostoma nasus 1) (chub, Squalius ephalus 1) Perch (Perea fluviatilis) 577 26.
Leuciscus cephalus in laboratory conditions consumes the yolk sac in 8 days, but only 30% of larvae population can begin exogenous feeding (Calta 2000).
Age, growth and reproductive characteristics of chub, Leuciscus cephalus (L.
2004) observaram que os espermatozoides das espécies Clarias gariepinus, Salmo trutta fario, Leuciscus cephalus, Lota lota apresentaram-se sensíveis à exposição por chumbo.
The toxicity of [gamma]-butyrolactone in zebrafish has not been investigated previously; however, unpublished data indicate acute (48 hr) toxicity in fish (golden orfe Leuciscus idus) with [LC.