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n.1.(Min.) A nearly opaque white mineral, in part identical with titanite, observed in some igneous rocks as the result of the alteration of titanic iron.
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The project is expected to produce 62,200tpa of leucoxene products and 28,700tpa of zircon concentrate.
Detrital magnetite could have oxidized to hematite and goethite, while detrital ilmenite could transform to leucoxene during early diagenetic stages.
Essence of the liquid-phase process consists in performance of electrochemical decomposition of mixed titanium oxides, such as molten titanium slag, ilmenite, perovskite, leucoxene, titanite, natural and synthetic rutile, which are in liquid state.
Abundant leucoxene is noted in many of the holes as are thin porphyries.
Monazite sampling exceeded 48%-50%, and valuable heavy minerals included zircon, leucoxene and ilmenite.
Titanium dioxide is mined from either the natural ores of ilmenite and leucoxene or rutile beach sand.
The Grande Cote project has the biggest single-dredge mineral sands operation in the world with a nameplate capacity of 575,000tpy ilmenite, 85,000tpy zircon and 16,000tpy rutile and leucoxene.
Secondary minerals in these rocks include chlorite, calcite, Iron hydroxide, opaque mineral, Leucoxene and quartz.
Matilda ZirconProject StrategyMatilda's strategy is to develop the advanced zircon projects in the Tiwi Islands and the leucoxene project at Keysbrook to provide an immediate revenue stream.
Diatreme Resources Ltd Discovers Zircon and Leucoxene in
Image Resources continues to be most encouraged by the drilling results received to date which point to potential for extensive zircon-rich mineralisation with significant high titanium leucoxene and rutile credits.