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n.1.(Min.) A nearly opaque white mineral, in part identical with titanite, observed in some igneous rocks as the result of the alteration of titanic iron.
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The project will produce at an estimated average capacity of 100,100t of zircon, 382,100t of high-grade sulphate ilmenite, and 26,200t of HiTi88 leucoxene a year.
The rocks comprise plagioclase, perthite, quartz, and small amounts of biotite, opaque oxide, titanite, rare allanite, and secondary chlorite (after biotite), leucoxene and epidote.
The market research company, Ceresana extensively analyzed the global market for titanium dioxide along the complete value-added chain already for the second time: from the feedstock ilmenite, leucoxene, and rutile to the refined intermediates titanium slag and synthetic rutile up to the individual end products.
Secondary minerals in these rocks include chlorite, calcite, Iron hydroxide, opaque mineral, Leucoxene and quartz.
It also produced a large bulk sample of heavy mineral concentrate from which zircon and the titanium minerals, ilmenite and leucoxene, can be recovered in a separate operation.
Abundant leucoxene is noted in many of the holes as are thin porphyries.
Monazite sampling exceeded 48%-50%, and valuable heavy minerals included zircon, leucoxene and ilmenite.
Titanium dioxide is mined from either the natural ores of ilmenite and leucoxene or rutile beach sand.
Extracted from bowels titanium ores are either dressed with production of selective ilmenite, rutile, anatase, and leucoxene concentrates, containing up to 45-70 % [TiO.
The replacement of ilmenite by leucoxene during diagenesis has been known for a long time, but is often ascribed to different stages from early diagenesis in mildly reducing and neutral-acid tropical conditions (Weibel 2003) to late diagenesis (Al-Juboury et al.
Ilmenite, variably altered to leucoxene, is the sole oxide phase in all samples (SEM data not shown).
Apatite Augite Biotite Calcite Chlorite Chromite Fluorite Galena Hematite Ilmenite Leucoxene Limonite Magnetite Muscovite Olivine Orthopyroxene Pervoskite Phlogopite Pyrite Quartz Serpentine Sphalerite Titanite