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Here, it has been thought, was the original Greek Massilot Leuke Akra (one of Strabo's 'three small Massiliot cities' between the river Sucro and New Carthage), or if there was no Greek city, anyhow the Iberian town, then the Carthaginian, then the Roman Lucentum, destroyed and abandoned before the Moors built Al-Lekant, three kilometres west down the bay.
These include, for example, studies of bureaucratic job mobility and innovative human resources policies in police services (Teodoro, 2009); ethics training for police officers (Wyatt-Nichol & Franks, 2009); the use of personality tests (Barrett, Miguel, Hurd, Leuke, & Tan, 2003) and affirmative action (Allen, 2003) in law enforcement hiring; and an examination of the performance implications of voluntary and non-voluntary police officer turnover (Hur, 2012).
In a lost epic poem named Aithiopis, his mother Thetis transfers his body onto an island called Leuke (which means White Island) in order to live there as an immortal.
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The Iliad makes much of the parallels between Achilles and Helen, united by their superlative beauty and brought together as man and wife in later tradition on the island Leuke (Philostratus, Heroicus 54).
The two versions differ in that the Heroikos focuses on Achilles, including his afterlife on the island of Leuke as a dangerous [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Her.
En cuanto a las presuntas colonias griegas del Levante hispano sobre las que habrian extendido su dominio los barquidas (Akra Leuke, Abdera, Alonis y Hemeroskopeion), cabe senalar que, aunque el registro arqueologico pone de manifiesto un importante flujo comercial en esas zonas (33), no confirma, sin embargo, la existencia de grandes nucleos permanentes griegos.
He is the son of Harris Leuke Ratwatte who was a former Diyawadana Nilame of Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy and former United National Party Member of Parliament for Mawanella.
Jason Leuke of Arizona State stated that pipe bursting should be emphasized as a trenchless technology and not a trench-free technology because often people new to the industry do not understand that there will be some digging on a pipe bursting project.