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Of or relating to a western European stage in Lower Paleolithic culture, characterized by a distinctive method of striking off flake tools from pieces of stone.

[After Levallois-Perret, city in north-central France.]


(ˌlɛvəˈlɔɪzɪən) or


(Anthropology & Ethnology) of or relating to a Lower Palaeolithic culture in W Europe, characterized by a method of flaking flint tools so that one side of the core is flat and the other domed


(ˌlɛv əˈlɔɪ zi ən, -ʒən)

also Le•val•lois

(ləˈvæl wɑ)

of or designating a late Lower and Middle Paleolithic method of striking sharp-edged flake tools from a prepared stone core.
[1930–35; Levallois (-Perret) + -ian]


Belonging to a Stone Age culture in western Europe, in which people made tools from flint by striking off flakes to give one flat side and one domed side.
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13 2011 (TAP) - Tunisia's Etoile Sportive du Sahel failed to qualify for the final of the 4th International Basketball Tournament of Sale after losing to France's Paris Levallois 68-80 (halftime: 36-37), at a semi-final game played on Saturday in Sale.
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In the second study, Patrick Levallois of University Laval in Quebec and his colleagues compared the nighttime urinary concentrations of 6-OHMS in about 200 women living within 150 meters of a major power line with those of a similar group of women living more than 400 m away.
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