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Of or relating to a western European stage in Lower Paleolithic culture, characterized by a distinctive method of striking off flake tools from pieces of stone.

[After Levallois-Perret, city in north-central France.]


(ˌlɛvəˈlɔɪzɪən) or


(Anthropology & Ethnology) of or relating to a Lower Palaeolithic culture in W Europe, characterized by a method of flaking flint tools so that one side of the core is flat and the other domed


(ˌlɛv əˈlɔɪ zi ən, -ʒən)

also Le•val•lois

(ləˈvæl wɑ)

of or designating a late Lower and Middle Paleolithic method of striking sharp-edged flake tools from a prepared stone core.
[1930–35; Levallois (-Perret) + -ian]


Belonging to a Stone Age culture in western Europe, in which people made tools from flint by striking off flakes to give one flat side and one domed side.
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Main features: In order to ensure the sale of tickets for events held on the territory Levalloisian, the City has set up a networked ticketing for sporting and cultural events via five outlets that indiscriminately commercialize cultural and sporting events .
Reflections around the economic management and rationalization of spaces occupied by municipal services, today exploded throughout the territory Levalloisian led the City to consider consolidating some of them in the same place she would own.