Level surface

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(Physics) an equipotential surface at right angles at every point to the lines of force.

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I remember how beside our house, at the foot of a hill, there lay a large pond, and how the pond--I can see it even now!--shone with a broad, level surface that was as clear as crystal.
So interested was he in everything that he failed to notice the small rear-end portion of Jerry that was visible above the level surface of the beach.
There were no stairs in their houses, because they did not need them, but on a level surface they generally walked just as we do.
These, as it ex- tracted them, were lifted out and deposited upon a level surface of earth behind it.
Near one side of the valley, and about midway up the ascent of a rather abrupt rise of ground waving with the richest verdure, a number of large stones were laid in successive courses, to the height of nearly eight feet, and disposed in such a manner that their level surface corresponded in shape with the habitation which was perched upon it.
Transfer to the prepared tin, smoothing to level surface.
Place your coloured paper on a flat, level surface. 3.
However, by using a computer program that utilizes reinforcement learning--a type of machine learning--to modify all 12 parameters simultaneously, the new system allows patients to use their powered prosthetic knee to walk on a level surface after approximately 10 minutes of use.
Summary: Bags should be 75cm high, 60cm wide and 90cm long, with at least one level surface
MeshWorks[R] offers the dust fighting properties of ventilated shelving while providing a smooth, level surface for storing any size object," Andy Van Meter, President of Design Ideas, explains.
* Always have the fryer on a level surface. Avoid moving the fryer once it is in use and wait for it to cool before moving it.