n.1.A husband's brother; - used in reference to levirate marriages.
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Sao eles: Oswaldo de Oliveira Filho (Emirados Arabes, Japao e Catar); Fabiano Pessoa Soares (Espanha e Portugal); Paulo Cesar Carpegiani (Arabia Saudita, Paraguai, Equador e Kuwait); Vinicius Eutropio (Emirados Unidos Arabes, Angola, Portugal e Africa do Sul); Reinaldo Rueda Rivera (Colombia e Honduras); Abel Braga (Franca, Emirados Unidos Arabe e Portugal); Levir Culpi (Arabia Saudita e Japao); Vanderlei Luxemburgo (Arabia Saudita, Espanha e China); Marcelo Chamusca (Japao e Catar); Marcelo Cabo (Kuwait).
(36) Existe otro toponimo, torm de levir, registrado en el siglo XVI en una copia de un documento del siglo XII.
Levir Culpi's men have lost four of their last eight and have racked up just 36 goals in 29 league games.
After Eliza's husband died in 2000, she chose not to take a jater (levir, 'widow inheritor').
Calderon quickly emerged as a front-runner in the negotiations ahead of Levir Culpi, Dunga and Hassan Shehata and is held in high esteem regionally since winning last year's Saudi League and President's Cup double with Al Hilal.
As a consequence of this, one would assume that this son inherits all of his "deceased father's" property and that the levir inherits none of it.
Chapter 119: of king harold I that hadde levir gone thanne forto ryde a manne of straunge I condilciouns
Levir La Technologie L'essamage Engagement et critique Confiance Livrables Standardisation, Developpement Developpement Routinisation et externe endogene.
Now with the possible exception of Abba Shaul, tannaim took Deuteronomy's yibbum law at face value: "her levir [=brother-in-law] shall go in unto her and make her his wife and perform his levirate duty by her....
For example, the persuasive powers of elders to shame members of the group into following practices beneficial to the community is aptly illustrated in living societies and may clarify the "conversation" between the elders and the potential levir in Deut.
Also when manipulated by Morgane le Fay's enchantment into fighting against Accalon equipped with stolen Excalibur, Arthur keeps faith to his initial promise to fight "to the uttermuste", despite severe wounds, since it is "levir to dye with honour than to lyve with shame" (The works: 144).
Meanwhile, Rafael's chance of returning home to join Sao Paolo have been dashed with the news that their coach, Levir Culti, has decided to sign Atletico Madrid's Paraguayan international Ayala instead.