Lewis Sinclair

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, (Harry) Sinclair 1885-1951.
American novelist who satirized middle-class America in his 22 works, including Babbitt (1922) and Elmer Gantry (1927). He was the first American to receive a Nobel Prize for literature (1930).
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Lewis Sinclair (18) and Symone Hutchison (16) were invited to the Berlin Philharmonie concert hall, home of the world-famous Berlin Philharmonic orchestra.
Dowd and Spraggon completed hat-tricks in the final period with Lewis Sinclair adding the remaining goal.
Aspiring Talent award winner Lewis Sinclair Parry from Aston University with sponsor Suzie Branch from GB Professionals (right) and Rachel Riley
Now, Neiro Davidson, 13, who plays percussion, Lewis Sinclair, 13, on oboe, Symone Hutchison, 11, on trombone, Nyree Davidson, 12, and Jakub Zalewski, 11, who play viola, and Erin Cooper, 10, who plays double bass, have the opportunity of a lifetime.
At King's Cross, little Lewis Sinclair laid his flowers, holding the hand of his mum Julie.
LEWIS SINCLAIR PARRY ASTON UNIVERSITY LEWIS is a student at Aston University, studying International Business and Economics.
Scots survivors Lewis Sinclair, Stanley Wood and Geoff Brydon went through this for real.
LEWIS'S STORYPRIVATE Lewis Sinclair thought his fighting days were finished when his unit was captured by the Germans in 1943.
Finally, Emily Rose of the University of Birmingham, Lewis Sinclair from Aston University and Charlotte Watkivs, who is currently undertaking a 12-month graduate training scheme at Birmingham City University, are hoping to take home the aspiring talent category.