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Noun1.Lewis and Clark Expedition - an expedition sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the northwestern territories of the United States; led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark; traveled from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River from 1803 to 1806
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Which is why, in addition to producing whiskey, Lewis and Clark will also initially produce potato vodka.
They've already seen evidence of American travelers' fascination with the Lewis and Clark story.
At many places were roadside markers noting that I was on the route of the U.S.'s famous explorers Lewis and Clark.
Lewis and Clark's pipeline of novel proprietary and potentially first-in-class adenosine receptor modulator based compounds are currently in advanced preclinical development as oncology or anti-inflammatory agents.
John Bakeless described Lewis and Clark; Partners in Discovery (1947).
A report on the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1803-1806), based on the papers of Meriwether Lewis and made available by William Clark, was published by editors Nicholas Biddle and Paul Allen.
These two, with a party of about forty young men, made up the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Lewis and Clark's transcontinental journey (1804-6) took them right through Montana, so their adventures make perfect fodder for Vigilante, whose mission is to tour the West with original shows on West-related themes.
Lewis and Clark plans to install the following products: Horizon, the client/server library information system that includes integrated library automation modules and a variety of easy-to-use interfaces; InfoShare, the UNIX database server with Z39.50 support for locally storing and managing citation databases; WebPAC, the server software for libraries that enables end users with a Web browser to search any Z39.50-compliant database on the Internet; and WinPAC, the graphical user interface for searching any Z39.50-compliant database and gopher servers on the Internet.
Just as the first Lewis and Clark team charted the Northwestern part of the United States, this modern-day reincarnation of that great American exploring duo maps the digital landscape we will soon inhabit.
Lewis and Clark Community College (Ill.) fine arts student Nicole Arnold is participating in a 10-day intensive "Woodcut Boot Camp" where she is designing, woodcutting and printing her own art.
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