Lewis with Harris

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Lewis with Harris

An island of northwest Scotland. The largest and northernmost of the Outer Hebrides, it is noted for its tweeds.

Lewis with Harris


Lewis and Harris

(Placename) an island in the Outer Hebrides, separated from the NW coast of Scotland by the Minch: consists of Lewis in the north and Harris in the south; many lakes and peat moors; economy based chiefly on the Harris tweed industry, with some fishing. Chief town: Stornoway. Pop: 19 918 (2001). Area: 2134 sq km (824 sq miles)

Lew′is with Har′ris

the northernmost island of the Outer Hebrides, in NW Scotland. 825 sq. mi. (2135 sq. km). Also called Lew′is and Har′ris.
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The Ministers visit to Lewis and Harris concludes a summer of engagement by Lord Duncan across Scotland, including visits to the Shetland Isles, Aberdeen, Inverness, Elgin, St.
aA News International spokesman said that the media company's inquiries have led the firm to believe that Lewis and Harris were subject to surveillance last year.
The Isles of Lewis and Harris are joined together and we have absolutely beautiful sandy beaches.
They are furious that they can't exercise on Lewis and Harris seven days a week.

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