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A trademark for polycarbonate.
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Lexan FRA 25C sheet is a coated, flame retardant polycarbonate sheet that passes ASTM E162 for flame spread; ASTM E662 for optical smoke density and ASTM E1354 for heat release.
"Our new high-heat Lexan CXT film has been engineered to overcome these constraints while at the same time offering excellent transmission, low haze and clarity compared to traditional high heat films."
Lexan CXT resins can be used in optical applications in the electronics, consumer & industrial, and healthcare industries.
The ICEhouse uses a revolutionary aluminium frame structure and several forms of SABIC's Lexan sheet.
"Created through a close collaboration between Sabic and Solbian Energie Alternative, an innovative flexible photovoltaic (PV) production company, Lexan BIPV panels combine tough, lightweight, transparent Lexan Thermoclea PC sheet with flexible PV laminated crystalline cells from Solbian and are available in a broad range of structures, configurations and colours," it added.
These arenas in Brazil benefit from the many features of SABIC LEXAN polycarbonate sheet which, compared to glass, is significantly lighter in weight while offering high stiffness and more than 250 times the impact resistance to reduce the risk of breakage from wind, hail, and other extreme weather.
Architects who designed the Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba and Arena da Baixada in Curitiba selected SABIC's high-performance LEXAN [TM] sheet and system solutions to create lightweight, high-impact and UV-resistant roofing and facades that helped meet strict safety compliance and sustainability aims, while offering outstanding aesthetics.
Both the two new products of - clear LEXAN XHR2000 chips (XHR 2000) and LEXAN LIGHT F6L300 chips (F6L 300) - will help provide long awaited technical solutions that meet the aspirations of industrial section to augment the verity in interior designs and also helping to take out the craft weight .
The viscosity curves for the PPs were generated using the Cross-equation parameters provided by Lebaul el al (23): those for LEXAN and VALOX were generated using Cross-WLF parameters obtained from the Mold-flow[R] material database (25).
"We are very pleased to announce the latest expansion in the use of LEXAN sheet products, which have been chosen to create large and dramatic architectural glazing, roofing and facades in stadiums and arenas around the world," said Sandeep Dhawan, general manager Americas, Specialty Film & Sheet, Innovative Plastics.
Under the settlement, Lexan Israel Ltd, which owes the bank ILS250m, will pay ILS148m in cash.