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Leices·ter 1

A borough of central England east-northeast of Birmingham. Built on the site of a Roman settlement, it is an important industrial center.

Leices·ter 2

1. Any of a breed of large, white-faced sheep having long coarse wool, developed in Leicestershire, a county of central England.
2. A hard cheese similar to Cheddar and usually orange.


1. (Placename) a city in central England, in Leicester unitary authority, on the River Soar: administrative centre of Leicestershire: Roman remains and a ruined Norman castle; two universities (1957, 1992); light engineering, hosiery, and footwear industries. Pop: 283 900 (2003 est)
2. (Placename) a unitary authority in central England, in Leicestershire. Pop: 330 574 (2001). Area: 73 sq km (28 sq miles)
3. (Placename) short for Leicestershire
4. (Breeds) a breed of sheep with long wool, originally from Leicestershire
5. (Cookery) a fairly mild dark orange whole-milk cheese, similar to Cheddar


(Biography) Earl of. title of Robert Dudley. ?1532–88, English courtier; favourite of Elizabeth I. He led an unsuccessful expedition to the Netherlands (1585–87)


(ˈlɛs tər)

1. 1st Earl of, Dudley, Robert.
2. a city in Leicestershire, in central England. 293,400.
4. one of an English breed of large sheep, noted for its coarse, long wool and large yield of mutton.
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Noun1.Leicester - a largely agricultural county in central EnglandLeicester - a largely agricultural county in central England
Bosworth Field - the battle that ended the Wars of the Roses (1485); Richard III was killed and Henry Tudor was crowned as Henry VII
England - a division of the United Kingdom
Leicester - an industrial city in Leicestershire in central England; built on the site of a Roman settlement
2.Leicester - an industrial city in Leicestershire in central England; built on the site of a Roman settlement
England - a division of the United Kingdom
Leicester, Leicestershire - a largely agricultural county in central England
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The ceiling supports the 12th century Chantry Chapel, which is part of the historic Lord Leycester hospital, a retirement home to old warriors known as the Brethren for the past 450 years.
The blaze was only halted by the stone walls of Lord Leycester Hotel, in Jury Street, after raging for six hours.
In particular you should seek out the Lord Leycester Hospital, which is a fine example of a medieval hospital, chapel and guildhall.
Lord Leycester Hospital, High Street, Warwick, tel: (01926) 491422, www.
Over centuries of facing the town's most ancient and treasured buildings - the 14th century alms and Guild houses of Lord Leycester Hospital - its occupants would have observed the worthiness or wickedness of Plantaganet and Tudor dynasties.
Sir Leycester Coltman, former British Ambassador to Cuba (1991-1994), brings the story of Castro and the Cuban Revolution up to 2003.
Leycester Coltman peels back the Cold War rhetoric and portrays the Cuban revolutionary in his true colours in The Real Fidel Castro (Yale University Press, 25 [pounds sterling]).
The package costs pounds 317 including half board accommodation at Warwick's historic Georgian hotel, the Lord Leycester.
The visit has been very positive and very rewarding,'' said British Ambassador Leycester Coltman on Saturday.
WARWICK Rotary Club members teamed up with nurses from Leycester House care home and the NHS Stroke Unit at Warwick Hospital to host free blood pressure tests.
But then Warwick's Lord Leycester Hospital has no matron, no beds and no smell of disinfectant, just a real sense of history stretching back several centuries.
Other outside broadcast filming took place in Leamington Spa and Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick.