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 (lä′sə, lăs′ə)
A city of southwest China, the capital of Tibet. Since the mid-1600s, it has been the official residence of the Dalai Lama and the center of Tibetan Buddhism.


(ˈlɑːsə) or


(Placename) a city in SW China, capital of Tibet, at an altitude of 3606 m (11 830 ft): for centuries the sacred city of Lamaism and residence of the Dalai Lamas from the 17th century until 1950; known as the Forbidden City because it was closed to Westerners until the beginning of the 20th century; annexed by China in 1951. The Dalai Lama fled after an unsuccessful revolt against Chinese rule in 1959. Pop: 131 000 (2005 est)


(ˈlɑ sə, -sɑ, ˈlæs ə)

the capital of Tibet, in SW China: sacred city of Lamaism. 310,000.
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Noun1.Lhasa - the sacred city of LamaismLhasa - the sacred city of Lamaism; known as the Forbidden City for its former inaccessibility and hostility to strangers
Sitsang, Thibet, Tibet, Xizang - an autonomous region of the Peoples Republic of China; located in the Himalayas
2.Lhasa - a breed of terrier having a long heavy coat raised in Tibet as watchdogsLhasa - a breed of terrier having a long heavy coat raised in Tibet as watchdogs
terrier - any of several usually small short-bodied breeds originally trained to hunt animals living underground
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Beijing [China], Feb 23 ( ANI ): China has denied arson as the cause of a fire at a Tibetian Buddhist temple in Lhasa, its state media reported on Thursday.
But Pablo has found a forever home with Hambleton residents Mhairi Brown, Andy Meek, his two children and their two dogs, Buster, a five-year-old lhasa apso, and Wallace, a three-year-old Boston terrier.
Zhao met respectively with Jian Shen, Vice Governor of Tibet, and many other top officials of Tibet and Lhasa.
The resources are found along the plateau railway link in Lhasa, Nyemo, Yambajan, Nagqu and near Cona Lake, in areas near the Yarklunggtsangpo,Lhasa and Nyainchu rivers, as well as the vast uninhabited areas in the north of Tibet, said the regional bureau of geology and mineral exploration on Saturday.
Tests on the line, which will connect Lhasa right up to Nathu La Pass and Sikkim, may begin in less than two years' time.
A work of both architectural history and cultural preservation, The Traditional Lhasa House is a highly-detailed examination of a style of townhouse that is indigenous to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, and that was actively built there between the mid-17th century and 1959, the year of the failed Tibetan rebellion against Chinese Communist control.
New York-based protestors, Students for a Free Tibet, viewed this event as an opportunity voice their concerns over the Lhasa hotel which has been slated to open in 2014 after some delays.
According to the scholars who wrote out the petition, Lhasa was being morphed into a "21st century town, shorn of its uniqueness and traditional culture.
com)-- New from the Sites of the World's Cultures Series: Lhasa and the Spirit of Tibet Debuts on DVD August 28th
The nation is spending CNY30bn on the tourism project in Lhasa city in Tibet.
Her suicide, the 38th since 2009, came three days after two other Tibetans self-immolated near the Jokhang monastery in Lhasa, a major site for Tibetan pilgrims and tourists, that left one dead and another seriously burned.
A Tibetan has died and another is seriously injured after the first case of self-immolation in Lhasa, the capital of China's Tibetan Autonomous Region, state media reported Monday.