n.1.Union by league; alliance.
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It was founded on July 23, 1881, in Liage, Belgium, making it the world's oldest existing international sports organization.
The Francophone Socialist Party Parti Socialiste' (PS) operates largely in the industrial cities of Wallonia LiAge, Charleroi, and Mons.
Based in LiAge, Belgium, ICM is a leading supplier of portable X-ray generators for non-destructive testing applications, as well as complete X-ray imaging systems for on-site security screening.
L'empreinte des neurosciences dans ce poeme, grace aux references aux neurones, au cerveau, et au fonctionnement des images, temoigne de la connaissance qu'a le poete des systemes de liage qui constituent l'etre humain.
16) Cornwell, Liage, Times, and Milieu, 17 18; similar accounts are found in ibid.
In 1982 and 1983 he played played for Belguim outfit Standard LiAge during that period they won the league title.
Pictures courtesy NadjaVilenne Gallery, LiAge, Belgium and the artist.
Nicholas Sprimont was a silversmith from LiAge and Charles Gouyn was a jeweller working at St Cloud in France before they both came here to work.
Pot 5: Ferencvaros (HUN), Standard LiAge (BEL), Egaleo FC (GRE), AZ Alkmaar (NED), Zenit St Peterburg (RUS), Beveren (BEL), Austria Vienna (AUT), Din Tbilisi (GEO)
FOLK: Resident singers including Derek Liage, Pam Winship and Maurice Pursell together with floor singers add up to a mixed night of folk music, traditional and new.