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 (lē-ä′nə, -ăn′ə) also li·ane (-än′, -ăn′)
Any of various climbing, woody, usually tropical vines.

[Alteration of French liane, probably from lier, to bind, from Old French; see liable.]
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(lɪˈɑːnə) or


(Plants) any of various woody climbing plants mainly of tropical forests
[C19: changed from earlier liane (through influence of French lier to bind), from French, of obscure origin]
liˈanoid adj
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(liˈɑ nə, -ˈæn ə)

n., pl. -nas.
any of various usu. woody vines that may climb as high as the tree canopy in a tropical forest.
Also, li•ane (liˈɑn)
[1790–1800; earlier liannes (pl.) < French lianes, pl. of liane, derivative of lier to bind]
- li•a′noid,
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Noun1.liana - a woody climbing usually tropical plantliana - a woody climbing usually tropical plant
Dipladenia boliviensis, Mandevilla boliviensis, white dipladenia - shrubby climber having glossy leaves and white funnel-shaped flowers with yellow throats
Chilean jasmine, Mandevilla laxa - woody vine of Argentina grown as an ornamental for its glossy leaves and racemes of large fragrant funnel-shaped creamy-white flowers
Epipremnum aureum, golden pothos, ivy arum, Scindapsus aureus, pothos - evergreen liana widely cultivated for its variegated foliage
monstera - any plant of the genus Monstera; often grown as houseplants
philodendron - often grown as a houseplant
pothos - any of various tropical lianas of the genus Scindapsus
emerald creeper, jade vine, Strongylodon macrobotrys - vigorous Philippine evergreen twining liana; grown for spectacular festoons of green flowers that resemble lobster claws
vine - a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface
cynancum - any of various mostly giant tropical lianas of Africa and Madagascar having greenish or purple flowers and long smooth pods; roots formerly used as an emetic
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[lɪˈɑːnə] Nbejuco m, liana f
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[lɪˈɑːnə] nliana
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