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A city of northeast China south-southwest of Shenyang. One of the oldest cities in Manchuria, it was the site of a Russian victory (August-September 1904) in the Russo-Japanese War.


(Placename) a city in NE China, in S Manchuria, in Liaoning province: a regional capital in the early dynasties. Pop: 752 000 (2005 est)



a city in central Liaoning province, in NE China. 492,559.
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1904 Japan defeats Russian forces at Liaoyang in China.
The State Council has approved the 2017 amendment to the overall city planning (2001-2020) of Liaoyang in Northeast Chinas Liaoning province.
Dandong file, fushun, huludao, benxi, liaoyang, six city on the second principal component Factor (2) the value greater than 0, suggests six city "tourism revenues accounted for the proportion of the tertiary industry, the tourism industry location 0entropy" index data is higher than the entire province average level, especially the value of 2.
Argentina Liaoyang City Central 39 deaths 12 December 2005 Hospital, Liaoyang, Jilin, China Drug Treatment Hospital 46 deaths 9 December 2006 No.
Pero el Tratado de Portsmouth, que asi se llama, nos obliga a entregar Liaoyang y Port Arthur, ademas de ceder la mitad de la isla de Sajalin y tambien Dongbei Pingyuan, en Manchuria.
1) Liaoning Province Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization Center, Liaoyang 111000, China.
The State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) decided to shut down eight coal mines around the country, including a mine in the city of Liaoyang, Liaoning Province, where a gas blast in March left 22 people dead.
In 1621, this khanate seized major Han-Chinese towns in near north-east China, and moved its capital to LiaoYang [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 'warm-side of Liao River'] (present-day Liaoyang).
2 Coal Mine in Liaoyang City when the accident happened at noon, Xinhua quoted the State Administration of Work Safety as announcing in a statement.
Taipei, June 29, 2011 (CENS) -- Following production expansion in Liaoyang in northeastern China, UPC Technology Corp.
Among the expansions are Sinopec, which is slated to bring on 240,000 barrels a day in capacity at plants including those at Beihai, Cangzhou, Jingmen and Jinan, and PetroChina which will boost its throughput at Yinchuan, Liaoyang and Fushun.
2 mm were provided by Liaoyang Petrochemical Company, China.