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She had not a liard. Her last sou had furnished the breakfast of the preceding day.
as neither I nor any of mine will touch the value of a liard, I waited but to render my thanks to thee and to thy bold yeomen, for the life and honour ye have saved.''
I ask you, Messer Cicero, and Messer Seneca, copies of whom, all dog's-eared, I behold scattered on the floor, what profits it me to know, better than any governor of the mint, or any Jew on the Pont aux Changeurs, that a golden crown stamped with a crown is worth thirty-five unzains of twenty-five sous, and eight deniers parisis apiece, and that a crown stamped with a crescent is worth thirty-six unzains of twenty-six sous, six deniers tournois apiece, if I have not a single wretched black liard to risk on the double-six!
This accounts for the large flow from the mountainous sub-basins of the North, the Liard and the Peace, and the low flows from the eastern sub-basins of the Shield, the plains, the Great Bear, and the Great Slave areas (Table 2).
The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, the Calgary & Area Child Advocacy Centre, the Canadian Womens Foundation, the Coaching Association of Canada, Liard Aboriginal Womens Society in Watson Lake, Yukon, Planned Parenthood Ottawa, and the Universit du Qubec Montral will receive funding to design and deliver unique, community-based programs that will equip young Canadians with the knowledge and skills needed to help recognize and prevent dating violence.
Los huesos suturales (wormianos) corresponden a huesos planos, supernumerarios, irregulares, inconstantes e independientes, que son posibles de observar, de manera accidental, entre las suturas y fontanelas del craneo (Strambio, 1854; Poirier et al., 1908; Orts Llorca, 1959; Testut-Lataijet, 1965; Aprile et al., 1967; Prives et al., 1984; Latarjet & Ruiz Liard, 2010; Murlinmanju et al., 2011).
Oil & gas company Apache Corporation (NYSE:APA) (Nasdaq:APA) said on Monday that its Apache Canada Ltd subsidiary and Chevron Canada Limited will jointly build and operate the Kitimat LNG project and develop world-class natural gas resources at the Liard and Horn River basins in British Columbia, Canada.
"The outlook is good for steady growth through the next five years," said ABI Research's RFID practice director Michael Liard. "We expect the overall RFID market to exceed $8.25 billion in 2014, representing a 14% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years."
Mike Liard, practice director of RFID for ABI Research, believes that the economic challenges in the last 18 months have caused many companies to shift IT priorities.
We observed a group of 18 wood bison, of mixed sex and age classes, swimming across a 1.7 km wide section of the Liard River on 16 July 2002.
Once those elements are in place, companies should see a quicker return on their RFID investments, says RFID Practice Director Michael Liard of research firm Venture Development Corp.