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(Currencies) a former small coin of various European countries
[C16: after G. Liard, French minter]


(ˈliːɑːd; liːˈɑːd; -ˈɑː)
(Placename) a river in W Canada, rising in the SE Yukon and flowing east and then northwest to the Mackenzie River. Length: 885 km (550 miles)


(ˈli ɑrd, liˈɑrd, -ˈɑr)

a river in W Canada, flowing from S Yukon through N British Columbia and the Northwest Territories into the Mackenzie River. 550 mi. (885 km) long.
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as neither I nor any of mine will touch the value of a liard, I waited but to render my thanks to thee and to thy bold yeomen, for the life and honour ye have saved.
I ask you, Messer Cicero, and Messer Seneca, copies of whom, all dog's-eared, I behold scattered on the floor, what profits it me to know, better than any governor of the mint, or any Jew on the Pont aux Changeurs, that a golden crown stamped with a crown is worth thirty-five unzains of twenty-five sous, and eight deniers parisis apiece, and that a crown stamped with a crescent is worth thirty-six unzains of twenty-six sous, six deniers tournois apiece, if I have not a single wretched black liard to risk on the double-six
Tenders are invited for Improvement To Badhunjore Nalla-I Near Village Badhunjore Of Liard G.
TSX Venture: BRL) has entered into an agreement with Canadian miner Chimata Gold Corp (TSX Venture: CAT) to sell a 100% interest in the Bam mineral property located in the Liard mining division of northwest British Columbia, Canada, the company said.
Marsh and Prowse (1987) examined the influence of stream heat on overlying ice cover of the Liard River and reported large spatial and temporal variations in water temperature and heat flux.
Prairie Creek concentrates will be trucked out and supplies will be delivered to the property over a proposed new all-season road to connect the mine site to the Liard Flighway.
The key vendors in the market include II-VI Marlow Industries, Ferrotec, Liard, TE Technologies, and Komatsu.
In 1818 the post was reportedly blown up by powder and rather than rebuild, the NWC decided to relocate to the Liard River.
It's all about being able to pick faster, pack faster, ship faster, and receive faster by enhancing the warehouse's levels of automation," says Michael Liard, an independent analyst and ADC expert.
Oil and gas company Apache (NYSE:APA)(Nasdaq:APA) disclosed on Friday the completion of the sale of its 50% interest in the Kitimat LNG project and related upstream acreage in the Horn River and Liard natural gas basins in British Columbia, Canada.
In addition to the growing number of unmanned robots that are zipping around today's warehouses, Liard is also seeing more fixed-position barcode scanners and barcode imagers being used on conveyor belts and other pieces of warehouse management equipment.
In the U13 Division, Mossley Hill - despite goals from Jack Hassel and Tom Bailey - lost 7-2 against Wilko who had Kai Laite, Thomas Liard, Alex Davies, Alex Murray and Matty O'Neil on target.