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a.1.(Geol.) Of the age of the Lias; pertaining to the Lias formation.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(2005): Depositional architecture and transgressive--regressive cycles within Liassic backstepping carbonate ramps in the Basque-Cantabrian Basin, northern Spain.
The Sidi Moktar Licences cover 2,700 square kilometres in the Essaouira basin, central Morocco and contain a material existing gas discovery in the Lower Liassic.
Topples are most common on precipitous, sometimes overhanging, cliffs composed of vertically-jointed hard rocks like those found on the Liassic coasts of South Wales.
On the relations of the fossil fishes of the sandstone of Connecticut and the Atlantic States to the Liassic and Oolitic periods.
They say: "The section through Merthyr Mawr's sands is more arduous than expected but most of the route is delightful and beyond Ogmore, the liassic limestone cliffs of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast emerge."
The lower age limit is clearly late Liassic, however, the upper limit may extend up to Bajocian (Otsuki et al., 1989).
In 1989 it was reported to have light oil and gas found in Liassic (Triassic) Butma carbonates.