n.1.A leopard.
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Mullins would no doubt lead a strong chorus of those who would not begrudge Marmot or Libbard a victory for his fellow trainer, whose sporting gesture surely merits reward.
Centrick Property, which has offices in Birmingham and Solihull, will manage a portfolio of 98 properties across the five developments, including Libbard Mews, Solihull; Hewell Drive, Barnt Green; Burnham Meadow, Hall Green; Hamlyn Court, Warstock, and Potters Hill Drive, Shirley, which comprises 32 warden assisted retirement bungalows.
609): "Twelve sphered tables, by silk seats insphered, / High as the level of a man's breast rear'd / On libbard's paws, upheld the heavy gold / Of cups and goblets" (II.183-186); Elizabeth Cook suggests that Keats may have here relied for information about the design of classical Greek tables on on John Potter's Antiquities of Greece (Oxford, 1697), ii.
Conclusion This is no penalty kick with Libbard and Prescience in opposition and I'm a layer.