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 (dī′ə-nī′səs, -nē′-)
n. Greek & Roman Mythology
The god of wine and of an orgiastic religion celebrating the power and fertility of nature. Also called Bacchus.

[Latin Dionȳsus, from Greek Dionūsos.]


(ˌdaɪəˈnaɪsəs) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) the Greek god of wine, fruitfulness, and vegetation, worshipped in orgiastic rites. He was also known as the bestower of ecstasy and god of the drama, and identified with Bacchus


or Di•o•ny•sos

(ˌdaɪ əˈnaɪ səs)

an ancient Greek and Roman fertility god, associated esp. with the vine and wine.
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Noun1.Dionysus - (Greek mythology) god of wine and fertility and dramaDionysus - (Greek mythology) god of wine and fertility and drama; the Greek name of Bacchus
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks


nDionysos m
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Dusanic, the fact that divinities such as Liber Pater and Libera, Silvanus, Diana, Terra Mater, Hercules, Neptunus, Nymphae, Castores are predominantly adored in Illyricum is not explained by the resurgence of local beliefs and an interpretatio Illyrica applied to these Roman gods, but by the profession of the believers who make dedications: in short, these were the cults of miners, clerks, and other people in the field of mining.
In examining ancient thought he also makes a point of looking at some of the significant pagan cults that theorized about eternal return such as Liber Pater and Norse mythology.
Similarly, the inscription recording the statue of Shadrapa is bilingual, the Shadrapa of the neo-Punic version becoming Liber Pater in the Latin version; the dedication was made by Bodmelqart, son of Muthumbaal.