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n. pl. li·ber·os
In volleyball, a defensive player who can take the position of any backcourt player but cannot block or return the ball when it is higher than the net.

[Italian, free, from Old Italian, from Latin līber; see leudh- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Soccer) another name for sweeper3
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Violations may undermine our natural rights, for example the right of liberi commercii, namely the right to exchange goods and services with those who are willing to deal with us.
i pittori circumvisionisti intuirono che bisognava lasciare liberi gli
Proposals include reducing the regional business tax (IRAP), advocated by the left-wing Liberi e Uguali party, and abolishing the municipal tax on empty properties, as proposed by the Northern League.
Lae1/4aoeffondrement de la gauche est le signe [euro]u[c]vident dae1/4aoun profond marasme politique exprim[euro]u[c] par la [euro]o[beaucoup moins que] d[euro]u[c]faite [euro]u[c]vidente [euro]o[beaucoup plus grand que] du parti d[euro]u[c]mocrate (PD, centre gauche) de Matteo Renzi et du gouvernement sortant et des frondeurs de Liberi e uguali (libres et [euro]u[c]gaux, gauche) [euro]u peine au-dessus du seuil des 3% n[euro]u[c]cessaires pour entrer au Parlement.
Pendant la guerre civile, Weah avait plaidAaAaAeA@ pour la paix au Liberi appelant l'ONU AaAaAeA sauver son pays.
Events already scheduled for Otherwise include a reception on 7 December for publishers Edizioni E/O and Sur, during PiAaAaAeA Libri PiAaAaAeA Liberi, annual Italian book fair for small and mid-size publishers.
"Today's advisors realize that strategic marketing is vital to the success of their business, but they also admit that they need a little help," Jessica Liberi, senior vice president of product management at eMoney, said in a statement.
The core of the Medieval Martial Arts program is armizare, the Italian art of arms, which was taught by Maestro d'armi Fiore dei Liberi in the late 14th century.
ora liberi anche gli altri giornalisti / libera informazione in #Turchia #FreeTurkeyMedia #ijf17
Come in un film dell'amato Fellini, da allora egli anelava a costruirsi una vita di gesti liberi, traversando tutto un paesaggio impregnato d'aria pura e montana con la sua Harley-Davidson.