Liberty Bell

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Lib′erty Bell`

the bell of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, rung on July 8, 1776 to proclaim the adoption of the Declaration of Independence: moved behind Independence Hall in 1976.
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Noun1.Liberty Bell - the bell of Independence HallLiberty Bell - the bell of Independence Hall; rung 8 July 1776 to announce the signing of the Declaration of Independence
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Across the road you'll find the Liberty Bell Center, which is also free with no timed ticketing, and which explains the myths and truths of the famously cracked object which was originally made in London in 1752 (nps.
Known as the birthplace of American democracy, Philadelphia's Independence National Historical Park features The Liberty Bell Center, Independence Hall, Congress Hall, Franklin Court and more.
UJMN was founded in 1967 and has designed notable projects such as Philadelphia's Liberty Bell Center Exhibits, La Salle University Center for Science and Technology, and the LEED-Platinum Renovation of Friends Center.
The Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, he says, makes the authentic Liberty Bell look fake.