Liberty pole

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a tall flagstaff planted in the ground, often surmounted by a liberty cap.

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Today, there's nobody left who remembers the bandstand, the well, the frog pond and the liberty pole that once adorned the area.
Only 21 years later, during a strong gale in the summer of 1879, we lost our beloved liberty pole.
He hoped that by cutting down the Liberty Pole he would snuff out the wave of patriotism that had recently inflamed the town's citizens.
Though the Sons of Liberty spared Leonard's wife their torments, the ladies of Taunton decided one day to force her to march around the Liberty Pole and the town's new rebel flag in a mock deference to the patriot colors.
and new homes on James Court; the development of MacKay Park; the playground at Veteran's Park; the Liberty Pole Project; and downtown redevelopment including the Group USA project.
35) Similar ceremony and similar ritual marked the erection of a liberty pole and the consecration of a liberty tree.
The original inscription "asks us to note the frivolous Americans rejoicing in the 'Golden Age' round a liberty pole adorned with a liberty bonnet .
Table 1: The Italian Elections of 1994 Chamber of Party Deputies Senate Progressives 213 122 Ex-Christian Democrats 46 31 Liberty Pole 366 156 Others 4 6 Source: Italian Ministry of the Interior.
One of the seven freestanding components of Jesse Darling's Liberty Poles (all works 2016) clattered to the floor at the opening of "Atrophilia" in late October, when someone brushed against it.
Liberty Poles comprises several empty, upturned bags of Gold Medal-brand flour positioned atop spindly, uneven poles and a single crutch.
Gathering by liberty poles and liberty trees in the open air, a generation of political activists laid the groundwork for a new nation.
This book treats public political events in America between 1788 and Jefferson's election in 1800, including parades and other open air occasions, as well as accompanying festivities and trappings, including dinners, the raising of liberty poles, ceremonial toastings, songs, badges, etc.
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