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n.1.(Min.) A mineral of an olive-green color, commonly in orthorhombic crystals. It is a hydrous phosphate of copper.
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1978) Libethenite from the Rokana mine, Zambia [Zambian Copperbelt].
In the Northparkes E22 and E27 deposits at Goonumbla, New South Wales, upper oxidation zones are dominated by libethenite and pseudomalachite, with azurite and malachite emplacement at greater depths.
Last, but not least, he had libethenite in dark green microcrystals from the Los Azules mine, Quebrada San Miguel mining district, near Paipote, Chile.
Most interesting were several small specimens covered with tiny dark green libethenite crystals; I bought these for less than a song, and two days later the geologist showed up at the hotel with about 200 more libethenite specimens.
Associated minerals include malachite, libethenite and an unidentified iron oxide species.
Associated minerals are: orthoclase, chalcocite, covellite, pseudomalachite, chalcosiderite/turquoise, ulrichite, libethenite, torbernite and iodargyrite.
Some of the minerals occurring at the Mex-Tex mine (coronadite, crandallite, creedite, libethenite, plumbogummite, tsumebite and turquoise) have not been found at the Blanchard mine or elsewhere in the district.
Solution pH represents an important control on mineral stability with libethenite being formed at low pH relative to pseudomalachite and cornetite at high pH, for constant [Cu.
Other associated minerals include carbonate-fluorapatite, copper, kaolinite, libethenite, pseudomalachite, quartz and volborthite.
Additional species from the mine include libethenite, pseudomalachite, turquoise crystals (to 0.
Judging from the original description and from observations of later-recovered specimens, the associations include pseudomalachite (as blue or green nodules), some malachite, hemimorphite, white prisms of pyromorphite, ultramarine-blue microcrystalline masses of veszelyite, yellow and olive-green crusts of vauquelinite, libethenite (as acicular clusters, as small nodules with a radiating internal structure and also as equant to short prismatic crystals to 3 mm isolated on matrix), green pseudomorphs of reichenbachite after kipushite, quartz, and iron oxides.