Libration point

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Li`bra´tion point`

    (lî`brā´shŭn point`)
n.1.any one of five points in the plane of a system of two large astronomical bodies orbiting each other, as the Earth-moon system, where the gravitational pull of the two bodies on an object are approximately equal, and in opposite directions. A solid object moving in the same velocity and direction as such a libration point will remain in gravitational equilibrium with the two bodies of the system and not fall toward either body.
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Libration point orbit spacecraft relative motion diagram is shown in Figure 2.
In (4), if [??] = 1, [x.sub.1] = -[mu], and [x.sub.2] = 1 - [mu] can get dynamic equation of circular restricted libration point orbit (Hill orbit) nonlinear relative motion:
In this study, only the motions around the collinear libration point [L.sub.1] or [L.sub.2] are investigated.
In order to illustrate the effectiveness of the method introduced in this paper, we design a constellation around the Earth-Moon L1 libration point which includes four Lagrangian satellites.
McInnes [15] is the first person who applied the classical libration point orbit theory to generate the halo orbit around the on-axis sail's equilibrium.
One hundred and fifty-nine contributions are presented in sections on the following themes: neutral and satellite drag; attitude dynamics and control; mission design; satellite constellations and formation flying; guidance, navigation, and control; orbital dynamics; space debris and collision probability; orbit determination; tethers and large space structures; trajectory design and optimization; atmospheric entry/reentry breakup analysis; low thrust mission and trajectory design; and libration point trajectories.
Now well into its mission to collect material from the solar wind, NASA's Genesis probe has completed its first halo orbit around the L1 Lagrangian libration point on the Sunward side of Earth.
Another coronagraph is scheduled for an ESA/NASA craft called SOHO, to study solar pulsations and the acceleration of the solar wind from a position in space called the L-1 libration point, at which gravitational forces are balanced between the Earth and sun.
Bhardwaj, "Effect of perturbed potentials on the non-linear stability of libration point L4 in the restricted problem," Celestial Mechanics & Dynamical Astronomy, vol.
sunward) or controllable direction a Total deltaV in the order 1-10m/s a Mission duration of less than 2 years after libration point departure a Battery capability to support eclipse periods of up to 1hr.
The libration points are of great interest for applications and so their stability was a subject of many papers during the past two hundred years.
NASA is considering missions beyond low Earth orbit such as libration points, which are gravitationally stable spots in space.