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One to whom or to which a license is granted.
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(Law) a person who holds a licence, esp one to sell alcoholic drink
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or li•cen•cee

(ˌlaɪ sənˈsi)

a person, company, etc., to whom a license is granted or issued.
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Noun1.licensee - someone to whom a license is granted
retail merchant, retailer - a merchant who sells goods at retail
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المُرَخَّص، شَخْص حامِل إجازَه
-ka koncesemajitel
majiteľ koncesie
ruhsat sahibi kimse


[ˌlaɪsənˈsiː] Nconcesionario/a m/f (Brit) [of bar] → patrón/ona m/f
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[ˌlaɪsənˈsiː] n (British) [pub] → patron(ne) m/f, gérant(e) m/flicensing agreement naccord m de licencelicensing hours npl (British)heures fpl d'ouverture légales (des débits de boisson)licensing laws npl (British)lois fpl sur la vente d'alcool
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n ? licenceKonzessions-/Lizenzinhaber(in) m(f)/Inhaber(in) m(f)eines Waffenscheins etc; (of bar)Inhaber(in) m(f)einer Schankerlaubnis; the licensee of our local pub (Brit) or barder Wirt unserer Stammkneipe
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[ˌlaɪsənˈsiː] n (in pub) → titolare m/f di licenza per la vendita di bevande alcoliche
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(American) license (ˈlaisəns) noun
a (printed) form giving permission to do something (eg to keep a television set etc, drive a car, sell alcohol etc). a driving licence.
ˈlicense verb
to give a licence to or permit. He is licensed to sell alcohol.
ˈlicensed adjective
(of a shop, hotel etc) legally allowed to sell alcohol to customers. a licensed grocer.
licenˈsee noun
a person to whom a licence (especially to keep a licensed hotel or public house) has been given.

licence is a noun: a licence (not license) to sell alcohol.
license is a verb: licensed (not licenced) to drive a goods vehicle.
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1 item for successful international development is consistent and detailed communication with your intentional licensees. Lack of communication and consistent follow-up are the most common reasons international licensees fail.
As a result, the Board will be changing the way it has communicated with licensees in the past.
The USTDA team, led by its Acting Country Director, Mr Thomas Hardy, was received at the instance of the NCC Board members and senior management of the Commission, where Chairman, NCC Board, Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye, called on USTDA to work with the Commission towards addressing deployment challenges being faced by some InfraCo licensees in the South-South geo-political zone due to the riverine, swampy nature of the region.
The Board is currently conducting a search for new licensees in the USA and Canada and expects to finalize the selection process as well as the onboarding process of the new licensees shortly.
For effective competition in the telecommunications sector, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has approved Reference Access and Interconnection Offers (RAIOs) of two dominant licensees - Omantel and Ooredoo.
With over 22,000 licensees associated with the Board of Nursing, the licensing renewal process requires significant effort in a short amount of time.
Pennsylvania residents and licensees have until 11 p.m.
But it does not provide those recordings to the licensees and also does not allow the licensee to make an individual recording.<br />So the social worker brought a petition in the Office of Administrative Hearings for a court order that she be allowed to record the interviews.<br />The state argued that it would violate the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act if a licensee recorded her own statements.
These regulations shall apply to Access Providers and Class Licensing Registration licensees with the mandate to register, maintain and retain information of people using data services through Wi-Fi Hotspots at public places as prescribed under these new regulations.
Management said, "The first quarter of fiscal 2018 and fourth quarter of fiscal 2017 GAAP and Non-GAAP results were negatively impacted by our continued dispute with Apple (AAPL) and its contract manufacturers (who are Qualcomm licensees), as well as the previously disclosed dispute with another licensee.
interconnection services to other licensees in a fair and transparent