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Najwiecej badanych zatrudnionych bylo w szkole podstawowej (N = 67, 40,61%) oraz gimnazjum (N = 38, 23,03%), pozostali--w liceum ogolnoksztalcacym (N = 21, 12,65%), zasadniczej szkole zawodowej (N = 20, 12,12%) i technikum (N = 20, 12,12%).
Food patterns of youth from gymnasium and liceum. Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig 2012;63(3):319-27.
The library of the Debreceni Kodaly Zoltan Zenemuveszeti Szakkozepiskola has strong connections with the Csikszeredai Nagy Sandor Liceum (Rumania).
In upper secondary school (liceum, with pupils of the age between 16 and 19) the will may expressed by parents or pupils, or exclusively by pupils of 18 years of age.