Licking River

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Lick·ing River

A river of northeast Kentucky flowing about 515 km (320 mi) northwest to the Ohio River at Covington.
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On the first day of January, 1778, I went with a party of thirty men to the Blue Licks, on Licking River, to make salt for the different garrisons in the country.
Bird, attacked Riddle's and Martin's stations, at the Forks of Licking River, with six pieces of artillery.
They had marched beyond the Blue Licks to a remarkable bend of the main fork of Licking River, about forty-three miles from Lexington, as it is particularly represented in the map, where we overtook them on the nineteenth day.
Tenders are invited for 2015 Licking River Crossing - Water Transmission Line Replacement
They are located in the Licking River in Eastern Kentucky, Lower Green River in Northwestern Kentucky, and Bayou de Chien‐Mayfield Creek in Southwestern Kentucky.
This action greatly improved water quality in the Licking River watershed and aided in restoration of the listed fanshell (Cyprogenia stegaria) and clubshell (Pleurobema clava) mussels.
Lake waters ultimately overtopped a drainage divide south of Hanover causing the erosion of Black Hand Gorge and reversal of the Licking River drainage.
When the first settlers, mostly from Virginia, came to Rowan County area in 1773 to claim land grants for service in the Revolutionary War, many of them settled in the fertile valleys along the Licking River and Triplett Creek.
With waters receding from the Licking River, townspeople trickled back in the last few days to see some of their houses tossed like toys, others badly warped and everywhere an ankle-deep goo.
The Kentucky Post helped bring the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport to Boone County; backed reform forces that brought an end to the Newport "sin city" regime in the late 1950s; and led an award- winning environmental crusade to clean up the Licking River.
The McQueens moved into the one-story, white-frame house four years ago last Saturday, the day a foot of rain sent the Licking River pouring through the streets of this town of 2,700.
This action greatly improved water quality in the Licking River watershed and aided in restoration of the listed fan-shell (Cyprogenia stegaria) and clubshell (Pleurobema clara) mussels.