Lieut Col

Lieut. Col.

lieutenant colonel.
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He informed that Brig Mohammad Ejaz would be chief judge while from 404 aviation group, Col Mohammad Imran, from Log Area Lieut Col Shahbaz Ghani, from Div HQ Major Abid Hussain and CBM horticulturist, Ms Mehaz Akhtar would perform as judges.
Commanding officer, Lieut Col Andrew Garner, who led the parades, said: "One of our antecedent regiments, the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, recruited very heavily from the West Riding.
Col al-Mazroui and Lieut Col al-Kuwari: safety initiative
Mr Smithson, who runs Keel Row bookshop in North Shields, had hoped to sell the poster - dating from around 1912-13 - at Durham Book Fair which took place on Saturday in County Hall near the DLI Museum which now owns the diaries kept by Lieut Col Morant' during the First World War.
Air Force Lieut Col White, 35, made America's first space walk.
He came across documents relating to the estate owner's grandfather, Lieut Col Edward Crawford Lloyd Fitzwilliams, who in 1920 was based in Durham, commanding the Northumbria district of the Army Service Corps.
Commanding Officer Lieut Col Andrew Harrison of the 2nd Paras said: "The extension of our security presence in this area is significant.
The 1 Lancs Commanding Officer Lieut Col Frazer Lawrence Soldiers on parade during the medals ceremony
His CO Lieut Col James Carr-Smith said: "Trooper Ashley Smith was a highly impressive young man, full of energy, very popular and tremendous company.
Commanding officer Lieut Col Chris Squier paid tribute to the soldier after his death.
The delegation is headed by the director of scientific rehabilitation branch Lieut Col.
Lieut Col Rob Thomson, commanding officer of 2 Rifles Battle Group, said: "Oz Schmid was simply the bravest man I have ever met.