Life rate

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rate of premium for insuring a life.

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"Unfortunately, that also meant it made them so much more obvious to the enemy and so low-ranking officers at the Western Front had a far shorter life rate than general soldiers." Noel Chavasse received the Victoria Cross initally in August, 1916, when he attended to the wounded under fire.
They can be a much more meaningful differentiator to the employer than a couple of pennies in the group life rate, and a much more fulfilling service to beneficiaries and family members.
This situation as a consequence when health life rate campaign ([u.sub.1]) become larger in a whole time.
Accidental death benefit (ADB), or double indemnity, is frequently added, although for younger employees, the cost of ADB is as much as the base group term life rate. Rates are very competitive among carriers.
If approved, the Monumental Life rate change would affect 4,607 policies sold from 2001 to 2004 that are no longer being marketed in Connecticut, officials say.
58 equivalent rate = $975.60 x [q.sub.x] x [q.sub.y] (e.g., rate for persons age 60 and 70 = $975.60 x .02125 x .04926 = $1.02) after first death use one life rate TWO LIFE (Joint, First to Die) P.S.
After the first death, the rules require that the economic benefit calculation be based on the single life rate for the surviving insured.
Comparisons of the quality of life rate Canada very highly but put America and Spain below us - so, perhaps it isn't so bad here after all.
Soil warms to give nature's needs Pot containers awaiting sowing seeds Life goes on gently to generate Nature sets time of creation life rate Flowers fruit and veg soon on their way With sun and rain will plan to stay Nature's produce for all our needs Can come from such tiny seeds Buddleia butterfly announce we are at play Birds bees now all wildlife on their way Fox, hedgehog, frog down at pool While all obey nature's golden rule!
If you have poor health you may be entitled to enhanced or impaired life rates, which could mean a higher amount.
Though whole life insurance rates are higher than term life rates, the benefits of increased coverage may be worth spending a few dollars more.
We've all seen it--basic group life rates that look more like AD&D rates; rate guarantee periods that resemble a mortgage contract; liberal guarantee issue maximums; and more.