Life rent

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the rent of a life estate; rent or property to which one is entitled during one's life.

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They will be able to discuss options with you, such as life rent, which is the right to reside in a property rent free for a lifetime but with no right of actual ownership, or a more formal trust benefitting your carer without prejudicing the interest of your other children.
People from all walks of life rent properties, whether they are council, private landlord or housing association.
When the Countess of Sutherland bought the parish of Assynt for her grandson, she took a life rent of five per cent a year of the original cost.
A document dated 27 May 1350 further supports this point.(61) On that date, Kersten, lady of Dronghen, with Jan van Artevelde, her spouse, recognized the sale of a life rent to Giles den Tolnere on behalf of their daughter, Juete, a nun in the convent of St.