Life school

a school for artists in which they model, paint, or draw from living models.

See also: Life

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"We only need to provide stipend to Chinese teachers to cover their accommodation and food costs," said Hari Dahal, principal of Apex Life School.
EUPHONIUM - Evanne Cordova (Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Waukegan), Addison Putz (Parkland School, McHenry), Rebecca Susmitch (Christian Life School, Kenosha, WI)
It includes an international snow sculpture symposium, a wood carving challenge, a fiddling and jigging contest, a beard growing contest and the Great West Life school program of workshops and fun.
They include the School of Life in Seoul, a life school founded by Alain de Botton in London and run in Seoul by co-chairwoman Sohn Mina; the "Mind Healing School" run by Ven.
Campaign Mark Ruskell with Stirling Council staff celebrating the Food for Life school meals programme in the Scottish Parliament Parliament
She recently became certified from the Nutritious Life School in New York founded by Keri Glassman, RD.
Were you taught it by the books you read, or did life school you?
It had got its start in 1937 when its founding members were formed into a musical group at the Piney Woods Country Life School in Mississippi.
The launch of our Qualified for Life school improvement plan in September was another real milestone, setting out how we will drive up performance in our schools up to 2020.
21 (1882) Laurence Clifton Jones, the gifted educator known as the "Little Professor" of Piney Woods Country Life School, was born in St.
e fossil will be used in evolution and prehistoric life school workshops.
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