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n.1.An apparatus, made in very various forms, and of various materials, for saving one from drowning by buoying up the body while in the water.
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I gasped with the anguish and shock of it, filling my lungs before the life-preserver popped me to the surface.
I remembered the life-preservers stored in the cabin, but was met at the door and swept backward by a wild rush of men and women.
Nor have there been wanting learned exegetists who have opined that the whale mentioned in the book of Jonah merely meant a life-preserver --an inflated bag of wind --which the endangered prophet swam to, and so was saved from a watery doom.
A villain came in through the window and struck me with a life-preserver.
Here are my keys; there's an old life-preserver somewhere in the bureau; take that, if you like - though what you take I rather fear you are the chap to use
And he would have thrust his revolver upon me as a peace-offering, but I would not even take his hand, as I tapped the life-preserver in my pocket, and crept out to earn his honest grip or to fall in the attempt.
And a good job you got it, if this was his," he added, picking up the murderous little life-preserver which poor Raffles had provided for his own destruction.
He must have known that the attic was inhabited by Daddy Jacques, and that was one of the reasons, I think, why he must have used a quiet weapon,--a life-preserver, or a hammer.
A passing thought occurred to me that Miss Murdstone, like the pocket instrument called a life-preserver, was not so much designed for purposes of protection as of assault.
His visitor, on entering his rooms, had drawn a life-preserver from his sleeve, and had so impressed him with the fear of instant and inevitable death that he had kidnapped him for the second time.
Revolver would be out of place in the Metropole, but I shall certainly take a life-preserver.
The oars were useless as propellers, performing now the office of life-preservers.