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a table showing the probability of life at different ages.

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Andersen used a lifetable of 100,000 people with an age distribution that matches the current population, which showed estimated mortality rates by age.
Age specific fecundity and natality lifetable of an aphidophagous ladybird, Cheilomenes sexmaculatus.
Lifetable demography of four cladoceran species in relation to algal food (Chlorella vulgaris) density.
A second decade lifetable survival analysis of the Oxford unicompartmental knee arthroplasty.
We begin with nonparametric lifetable measures to describe the differences in average social assistance duration for lone mothers and other family types.
Survival curves were prepared by standard lifetable methods, and the causes of death were compared with those in the general population.
population lifetable for males and females (Table 4) (20).
yearly probability of a new fire in relation to time since the previous fire, was estimated from this set of intervals using the Lifetable routine of SPSS (Norusis 1993).
Finally, although lifetable calculations suggest that female reproductive success is maximized by maturing at 3 yr of age, (4) most females do not actually mature until they are 4 yr old.
Active Life Among the Elderly in the United States: Multistate Lifetable Estimates and Population Projections.