Lift gate

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a gate that is opened by lifting.

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Through the innovative use of solar energy, we have eliminated an industrywide challenge of maintaining lift gate battery life during deliveries, allowing GSF to provide sustainable, consistent and reliable service to our customers.
The indicator is equipped with either one or two ultrasonic sensors that mount below the lift gate on loading docks or at other locations to sense the rear of the truck as it approaches.
It's helpful if there's a lift gate so we can off-load stuff.
The company's polypropylene can be found in other applications, such as door and quarter panel trim, lift gate trim, consoles, fender liners and fan shrouds.
Other new features include a standard and push-button Sports mode for all Cayenne engines, a standard power rear lift gate, optional of 21-inch wheels, a rail-mounted cargo management system, and XM satellite radio.
Invitation for Bid: Supply & delivery of three (3) service trucks with lift gate
Comfort and convenience equipment such as fold-in-the-floor third row seating, three separate climate zones covering all three rows and available power remote-operated side doors and rear lift gate were designed to bolster Sedona's established position as a safety and value leader in the highly competitive minivan market.
Invitation for Bid: Purchase of one (1) delivery truck with lift gate
The lift gate had been provided to the victim by the customer which was a national corporation.
The research covers the following segments: bumper/bumper fascia, doorframe, front fender, grill, quarter panel, and rear (trunk, hatch, lift gate, doors).
Lift gate deliveries are offered both with the 26' box truck & the tractor trailer & cargo van is used for smaller deliveries.