Lifting pump

(Mach.) A kind of pump having a bucket, or valved piston, instead of a solid piston, for drawing water and lifting it to a high level.
A pump which lifts the water only to the top of the pump, or delivers it through a spout; a lift pump.

See also: Lifting, Lifting

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Supply of one sewage & industrial waste lifting pump for the main lifting station serving phase II of Kom Oshim Industrial Zone.
Two tenders for the rehabilitation/ replacement of (a) a 12c inch diameter artesian water well at Mit Gaber station in Belbeis Sector & the supply & erection of a submersible water pump of 50 liters/ second discharge at 60 meters lift, also (b) drilling of three artesian water wells & the supply & installation of a water lifting pump on axes & other three pumps of 50 liters/ second discharge at three subordinated stations.
THATTA -- A team of the water board conducted raids in different areas of the KDA Canal and removed the water lifting pumps, machines.
Lifting pumps for 64 stations have been purchased, and work is underway to replace 37 control panels with new ones and fix 33 other control panels.
Two tenders for the maintenance of (a) irrigation lifting station at subordinated locations, also (b) construction of lifting pumps' shelters at the end of Shader Azzam Canal.
Thus, it runs a clean impeller at all times and eradicates the time-consuming and costly necessity of manually lifting pumps.