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n.1.(Surg.) An instrument for ligating, or for placing and fastening a ligature.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Barron introduced the ligator named after him which is a mechanical, metal device used in outpatient or office settings for treatment of internal hemorrhoids3.
Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) and a 6-Shooter Universal Saeed Multi-Band Ligator (Cook Medical, Bloomington, IN, USA) following the manufacturer's procedures.
It is easy to be performed and needs just simple equipments (clips and single ring ligator).
Lee, "Second-sphere ligand field effects on oxygen ligator atoms and experimental evidence--The transition metal-oxygen bond in oxidic solids," Coordination Chemistry Reviews, vol.
Other techniques include suctioning the bolus into a ligator adaptor on an endoscope tip, using retrieval net, cooking the center of the bolus with an Nd:YAG laser, performing blind bougienage with a Maloney dilator, and suctioning the bolus into a modified gastric lavage tube.
The ro r ar of the Tyrannosa s ur urus us u Rex ex ex ex in the film was as ac ac ac achi hieved by comb mbin-in ining the sounds of an a el el el el ephant, tiger, r, r, al al a ligator, dog and nd nd pe pe penguin.
The band used for the ligation of esophageal varices was MBL-6, Six Shooter Saeed, Multiband Ligator, Wilson-Cook Medical Inc.
The introduction of the newly designed multiband ligator overcame these disadvantages with 6 mounted bands which are individually activated by a drawstring attached to a trigger unit positioned in the biopsy channel port of the endoscope, allowing repeated firing of the bands and obviating the need for an overtube.
The procedure of band ligation was conducted using Saeed multiband ligator shooter.
Long term outcome of rubber band ligation for symptomatic primary and recurrent internal haemorrhoids using suction ligator. J Army Med Coll 2004; 47: 1364-70.
Marvin Ligator, director of the toxicology and epidemiology department at the University of Texas Medical Branch, burst out laughing when I asked him about it.
Hemorrhoid banding using videoendoscopic anoscopy and a single-handed ligator: an effective, inexpensive alternative to endoscopic band ligation.