v. i.1.To lie or recline.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Til sidst blev det alligevel for kedeligt at ligge helt alene oppe pa loftet.
So fat fe holygoste gloweth but as a glede, Tyl fat lele loue ligge on hym & blowe, And f anne flaumbeth he as fyre on fader & on filius, And meltheth her myjte in-to mercy as men may se in wyntre Ysekeles in eueses porw hete of pe sonne, Melteth in a mynut while to myst & to watre; [...].
Vaerdien skal ligge inden for det belob, sorn en kyndig erhverver med kendskab til pris- og markedsforholdene for den pagaeldende type ejendom ma skannes at ville betale for ejendornmen (markedsvaerdi).
It begins with a grouping of three that is in fact an interpolated triplet: But tract of time, and long prosperitie: That nource of vice, this of insolencie, Lulled the shepheards in such securitie, That not content with loyall obeysaunce, Some gan to gape for greedie governaunce, And match them selfe with mighty potentates, Lovers of Lordship and troublers of states: Tho gan shepheardes swaines to looke a loft, And leave to live hard, and learne to ligge soft: Tho under color of shepeheards, somewhile There crept in Wolves, ful of fraude and guile, That often devoured their owne sheepe, And often the shepheards, that did hem keepe.
In Norwegian, which has a weak reflexive seg, resultative constructions can be formed with verbs expressing the subject's maintenance of a spatial configuration such as ligge `lie', as in (66).
Similarly in Beowulf 702ff., Corn on wanre niht scridan sceadugenga, Grendel is approaching in the pale darkness of the night, intent on under sceadu bregdan, on throwing men into the realm of darkness; he com of more under misthleopum, it is from the moor and under the veils of the mist, that he would seek the place where winreced, goldsele gumena, gearwost wisse, faettum fahne, where he knew the gold-adorned and colourfully decorated hall of feasting to be; a sensation of brightness, that will be counterbalanced a few lines later by a look into Grendel's eyes: Him of eagum stod ligge gelicost leoht unfaeger, a sinister light was gleaming in his eyes like a flickering blaze.
Despite the bond's public recognition and acceptance by Aylmar, Horn again chooses to defer enacting the union until he regains his own kingdom from the Saracens; he speaks specifically of delaying consummation until Rymenhild can "ligge bi the kinge" (1290).
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