Light barrel

(Mil.) an empty power barrel pierced with holes and filled with shavings soaked in pitch, used to light up a ditch or a breach.

See also: Light

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The H&K G3 series has a good balance point, but its light barrel makes it less steady for offhanded firing than it should be.
The most common are: 1-A Light Sporter, light barrel, Henry forend, open sights; 1-B Standard rifle, medium barrel, semi-beavertail forend, no open sights; 1-H Tropical, heavy barrel, Henry forend, open sights; 1-S Medium Sporter, medium barrel, Henry forend, open sights; 1-V Special Varminter, heavy barrel, semi-beavertail forend, target scope mounts; 1-RSI International, 20-inch barrel with Mannlicher stock, open sights.
58 inch, but the light barrel and overall mass made the gun tricky to shoot from the bench.
Not just a sight base, the Amega system acts as a strut to stiffen the light barrel.
Tenders are invited for 1 Led Pilot Light Barrel Type With Polycarbonate Lense Cluster Led With Integral Circuit Suitable For Operating At 220 Volt In Thermo Plastic Housing With Plastic Lens Holder And Nut Size 30.
49) has clean, fresh, lemon and gooseberry fruit, with the worst vegetally excesses of the Sauvignon grape subdued by light barrel treatment.
A "little-bitty" light barrel on a strong bench rest action, might deliver limited performance.
The original AR-10 was a very interesting gun, quite light, thanks to aluminum and fiberglass construction, with a relatively light barrel.
29 pounds, mainly by the use of an extremely light barrel and a stock made of carbon fiber.
Hunting rifles with their light barrel contours should shoot three rounds per group.
This has undergone a light barrel fermentation in French oak, to produce a richer, fatter grapefruit style, that makes it a splendid food accompaniment, perhaps to go with that freshly cooked, local asparagus.
It's more difficult to make a light barrel shoot well, and it will not hold its group for as many shots as a heavier barrel.