Light barrel

(Mil.) an empty power barrel pierced with holes and filled with shavings soaked in pitch, used to light up a ditch or a breach.

See also: Light

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Caption: The Proof Sendero Light barrel is held in the lathe's four-jaw chuck by a set of gimbals that allow the author to perfectly align the bore with the machine
A light barrel, on the other hand, is light all the time.
If you have a heavy mass near the center of the gun and just a light barrel, you can still have the barrel moving about just like the aforementioned butt stock-heavy AR-7 survival rifle, although not quite as badly.
If you want a light barrel that shoots well, it had best have been properly stress-relieved.
The most common are: 1-A Light Sporter, light barrel, Henry forend, open sights; 1-B Standard rifle, medium barrel, semi-beavertail forend, no open sights; 1-H Tropical, heavy barrel, Henry forend, open sights; 1-S Medium Sporter, medium barrel, Henry forend, open sights; 1-V Special Varminter, heavy barrel, semi-beavertail forend, target scope mounts; 1-RSI International, 20-inch barrel with Mannlicher stock, open sights.
Their Semillon/Sauvignon 2003 blend (pounds 10.49) has clean, fresh, lemon and gooseberry fruit, with the worst vegetally excesses of the Sauvignon grape subdued by light barrel treatment.
A "little-bitty" light barrel on a strong bench rest action, might deliver limited performance.
The original AR-10 was a very interesting gun, quite light, thanks to aluminum and fiberglass construction, with a relatively light barrel. It had been dewatted, so I never had the chance to shoot it, but I enjoyed looking it over, especially when writing up the then-new Knight's SR-25.
Accuracy-wise, this gun showed signs of greatness with a group measuring .58 inch, but the light barrel and overall mass made the gun tricky to shoot from the bench.
Not just a sight base, the Amega system acts as a strut to stiffen the light barrel. With a forward-mounted Leupold Scout scope attached, the Amega base transformed my old Mini.
Hunting rifles with their light barrel contours should shoot three rounds per group.