Light cavalry

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(Mil.) light-armed soldiers mounted on strong and active horses.

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"My fifty recruits from the Chevalier d'Humieres, who are destined to enter the light cavalry and who have only received as yet for their equipment their white cloaks."
From this direction there came along the road that evening a glitter and clatter of light cavalry, in which even the simple diarist could recognise with astonishment the general with his staff.
Thursday, July 18: "Light Cavalry Overture," music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and a Benny Goodman medley
And it's 200 years since the birth of composer Jacques Offenbach so the audience can enjoy his Can-Can and Barcarolle, and also it is two centuries since Franz von Suppe was born so the theme from his Light Cavalry overture will be played.
The "Charge of the Light Brigade" commemorates a disastrous attack by British light cavalry against a well-entrenched combined Russian and Cossack force during the Battle of Balaclava on October 25, 1894, during the Crimean War.
All of the men in Dulmial were to serve in the Punjab Regiment during the war, aside from 46 who joined the 27th Light Cavalry.
"I remember the Charge of the Light Cavalry Brigade on the 25th of October at Balaclava.
The light cavalry regiment currently forms part of the US-led Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) battlegroup in the country, and is halfway through a six-month deployment.
To punish the 'mutineers', the British regiments, along with the 35th BNI and half of the 9th Bengal Light Cavalry (BLC) left Sialkot, leaving behind the 46th BNI and the rest of the 9th BLC.
The citation in the London Gazette enumerated his heroics: "For having in the Light Cavalry Charge on the 25th October, 1854, saved the life of Sergeant Bentley, 11th Hussars by cutting down two or three Russian Hussars, who were attacking from the rear, and afterwards cutting down a Russian Hussar, who was attacking Private Levett, 11th Hussars."
As WWI light cavalry, they didn't possess either swords or lances.