Light infantry

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infantry soldiers selected and trained for rapid evolutions.

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Jamie and Pokey were at once enrolled in the Cosey Corner Light Infantry a truly superb company, composed entirely of officers, all wearing cocked hats, carrying flags, waving swords, or beating drums.
Several, particularly of the younger men, displayed pantaloons of blue, edged with red cloth down the seams part of the equipments of the “Templeton Light Infantry,” from a little vanity to be seen in
"A sergeant, sir, Royal Marine Light Infantry, sir.
Bagnet trusts to the combined endearments of Quebec and Malta to restore him, but finding those young ladies sensible that their existing Bluffy is not the Bluffy of their usual frolicsome acquaintance, she winks off the light infantry and leaves him to deploy at leisure on the open ground of the domestic hearth.
During their passing out parade in Bana Singh Parade Ground of Jammu-Kashmir Light Infantry, the young soldiers inspired one and all as their impassioned voices echoed throughout the Valley.
Thirty of the soldiers, who were members of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Light Infantry, stayed at Oxon Hall Touring Park, in its parkland setting on the outskirts Shrewsbury.
At the time of their tragic demise, Captain H.W.D Jayawickrama of 11 Sri Lanka Light Infantry from Polonnaruwa and Corporal S.S Wijekumara of 1 Mechanized Infantry Regiment from Thalakolawewa, Polpithigama of the Sri Lankan Army Contingent in Mali laid down their lives on Friday (25) following an explosion while performing their UN Peacekeeping Mission duties around 6.30 a.m.
Havildar Lalak Jan of the Northern Light Infantry Regiment fought from the forefront to thwart heavy Indian attacks.
He enlisted with Highland Light Infantry at the outbreak of war.
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI, generally referred to as the Patricia's) is one of the three Regular Force infantry regiments of the Canadian Armed Forces.