Light sleeper

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one easily wakened.
- Dana.

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Fairfax said she heard nothing: when people get elderly, they often sleep heavy." She paused, and then added, with a sort of assumed indifference, but still in a marked and significant tone--"But you are young, Miss; and I should say a light sleeper: perhaps you may have heard a noise?"
Rikki-tikki woke up with a jump, for the mongooses are light sleepers.
The visitor wrote: "Avoid if you are a light sleeper! Stayed here for business - booked two nights but only stayed one - had to check out early unfortunately due to the unbearable noise from the town clock that rings every 15 minutes 24 hours a day."
They can't produce blackouts, so are less advisable in the bedroom of a light sleeper.
Now, let me say at the outset, as a light sleeper myself, I have a degree of sympathy for the vicar and his family.
But my wife is quite a light sleeper, and she told me of strange noises and creaking floorboards going on in the middle of the night.
And if you're a light sleeper and have a skylight in your bedroom, noise-reduction glass could be for you.
It's lucky that she is a light sleeper, otherwise he would have been able to take anything from under my nose."
I'm a light sleeper, too many asters, taxonomies of sound.
We have a very strong bond, but I'm a light sleeper, so she stays in the lounge with the door closed at night.