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(līt′fo͝ot′ĭd) also light·foot (-fo͝ot′)
Treading with light and nimble ease.

light′-foot′ed·ly adv.
light′-foot′ed·ness n.


(Biography) Gordon. born 1938, Canadian singer and short songwriter; his recordings include 'If You Could Read My Mind' (1970), Dream Street Rose (1980) and Harmony (2004)
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Mayor Lori Lightfoot has her 100 days and her initial "State of the City" address under her belt, but former mayoral rival Toni Preckwinkle is still getting under her skin.
A NUMBER of organisations in west Cheshire are taking part in volunteering days to help transform Lightfoot Lodge into a modern, accessible facility that delivers community and buildingbased activities to people with learning disabilities and autism.
1 / 2 Lori Lightfoot (C) greets guests at City Hall following her inauguration ceremony on May 20, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.
CHICAGO * Lori Lightfoot made history April 2 in Chicago, winning a runoff election that will make her the first African American woman to lead the city and its first openly homosexual mayor.
Lightfoot beat residing mayor Toni Preckwinkle and will be sworn into office on May 20.
OBSESSED marketing manager Marc Lightfoot left his ex living in fear by subjecting her to a campaign of stalking during which he kept turning up at her home and used various aliases to follow her online.
Lightfoot met a woman while they were working together at a bingo hall but when the relationship turned sour, he found it hard to accept and wouldn't leave her alone.
The court heard they had began a relationship in 2016 and when it ended there were problems in the workplace, with Lightfoot receiving warnings from bosses for behaviour such as getting colleagues to check what she was up to.
KATHIE Lightfoot, known fondly as Miss Kathie to her students both past and present, died at home after a five-year battle with cancer.
But Jordan Lightfoot, 21, was warned by Judge David Hale: "No teenage lads around for parties or anything like that."
Schmalz focused on Gordon Lightfoot's song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" for his inspiration when creating this bronze monument.
Lightfoot Prince is from a first litter for Droopys Knox, who won a few opens and A1 races in her time at Sheffield, and the December 2015 youngster made a highly promising start, winning back-toback Doncaster opens, while Lightfoot Oscar, an April 2016 whelp out of former Hove racer Puma Girl, turned a few heads at Owlerton on his debut when he won an open by seven lengths in 27.80sec for the 480 metres.