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It was like a thunderstorm, despised by all because the lightning strikes so few; the balls struck only here and there, the dying, the sick, the dead sometimes
The lines seemed pearls to me and his voice sweet as syrup; and afterwards, I may say ever since then, looking at the misfortune into which I have fallen, I have thought that poets, as Plato advised, ought to he banished from all well-ordered States; at least the amatory ones, for they write verses, not like those of 'The Marquis of Mantua,' that delight and draw tears from the women and children, but sharp-pointed conceits that pierce the heart like soft thorns, and like the lightning strike it, leaving the raiment uninjured.
At the same instant she saw a bolt of lightning strike a young tree by the roadside, heard the sharp click as it hit and then watched the flash dance about, now on the road, now along the barbed wire fencing.
If a proposal by US major aircraft engine maker, Honeywell International goes through, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) could soon be equipped with three-dimension (3D) radars that can detect lightning strikes and enhance the airport s surveillance.
Lightning strikes are common during India's monsoon season, which runs from June to September.
In 2014, the Insurance Information Institute recorded that lightning strikes killed 26 people, and in 2013 accounted for an estimated $674 million in Homeowners insurance losses.
THESE amazing pictures were taken of lightning strikes that hit North Wales over the weekend.
TWO climbers died and two more were injured as a result of separate lightning strikes on a mountain yesterday.
TWO people have died as a result of separate lightning strikes in the Brecon Beacons yesterday.
Reported April 24 in Physical Review Letters, the research offers insight into the confluence of cloud conditions that leads to lightning strikes, which atmospheric simulations cannot explain.
In order to artificially induce lightning strikes, he and his team had to sit out in thunderstorm conditions and monitor electric fields, waiting for the right moment.
FIZZING and cracking, multiple lightning strikes fill the sky in an awesome show of nature's power.