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Taller ferns are charming companions for large hostas Ligularia and Rodgersia.
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Now the duo have added substantial beds of kniphofia (torch lily), sambuca, ligularia and marigolds, creating what Craig describes as "a firework." Craig has also created a curved, snake-like drystone wall complemented by a seeded grassy area.
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In the meantime, I am practising my pronunciation of Ligularia Przewalskii, which is a fantastic clump-forming perennial for damp soil with tall, narrow spikes of yellow flowers above deeply cut dark green leaves.
Purpose: In this study, we aimed to investigate in vitro neurotoxicities of clivorine, one of the PAs found in various Ligularia species, in cultured PCI 2 cells.
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Other plants chosen for the courtyard include crinum lilies, ligularia and heliconias.
"People can create a mood in their garden using green, big-leaved plants such as hostas, ligularia and darmera (umbrella plant), which give you weight in a border.