Ligustrum lucidum

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Noun1.Ligustrum lucidum - erect evergreen treelike shrub of China and Korea and Japan having acuminate leaves and flowers in long erect paniclesLigustrum lucidum - erect evergreen treelike shrub of China and Korea and Japan having acuminate leaves and flowers in long erect panicles; resembles Japanese privet
privet - any of various Old World shrubs having smooth entire leaves and terminal panicles of small white flowers followed by small black berries; many used for hedges
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A contaminacao da area amostrada foi representada por Pinus taeda, especie pioneira pertencente a familia Pinaceae e Ligustrum lucidum, especie climax exigente em luz pertencente a familia Oleaceae.
Precisamente, las localidades en las que Rodriguez Guitian & Amigo (2009: 590) citan a esta umbelifera, son las mismas que GBIF senala para Ligustrum lucidum, por lo que suponemos se trata de un error dada la similitud entre los nombres cientificos de ambas plantas.
Merrill (Fabales: Fabaceae), and fruits (berries) of privet, Ligustrum lucidum Aiton (Lamiales: Oleaceae).
The Ligustrum Lucidum, a small evergreen tree that grows up to 10 m tall and broad, was specifically chosen because its qualities mirror those that FLSmidth looks for in a service center: it grows fast both in sunshine and shadow and its resilience enables it to thrive in ever-changing conditions; said Ms.
Aragon R, Groom M (2003) Invasion by Ligustrum lucidum (Oleaceae) in NW Argentina: early stage characteristics in different habitat types.
Panizzi & Grazia (2001) encontraron 12 especies de chinches colonizando la planta hospedera Ligustrum lucidum Ait.
Panch Phuli, Wild Large bush bearing (Verbenacaee) Sage multicoloured, flowers and berry-like fruit Ligustrum lucidum Chaora Sanatha, Shrub or small Ait.
An animal study has shown that fruit of Ligustrum lucidum inhibits neural cell apoptosis following the onset of VaD by reducing apoptotic signals induced by cerebral ischemia.
Tres especies de plantas se utilizaron como sustratos, por las abejas Xylocopa, para construir sus nidos: Spathodea campanulata (Bignoniaceae), Ligustrum lucidum (Oleaceae) y Ficus sp.
Ligustrum lucidum (LL) is considered to be the one having immunoactive and antioxidative properties.
The five exotic tree species found include all three species present in unit B and two new species--Acer negundo, box elder indigenous to North America, and Ligustrum lucidum, Asiatic privet.